Tara Lynn Townes - President of Tiny Be Mighty, is an impassioned author, motivator and certified professional life coach.  With a Masters in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University, she has over twenty years of seasoned experience working with women, children, and families as a whole.  With a BS in Child Development, and many years of professional life coaching, and counseling, Tara is passionate about being a positive example of love and acceptance to all mankind.

As a philanthropist and mentor of the Women’s Welfare to Work program, Tara was recognized by the California State Senate and Congress for her participation and work. When her son Corey was diagnosed with a condition known as Achondroplasia or “Dwarfism”, there was little doubt in Tara’s mind that her son was born with a mighty purpose.  

Tara has embarked on a personal endeavor to raise awareness about dwarfism and to offer a resolution for bullying. Thus, she has established a non-profit organization “Tiny Be Mighty.”  As a result of her personal and professional journeys, she is highly dedicated to assisting others in breaking through life’s barriers. Above all, she believes that our best life is what we create and this holds true for our worst life. Therefore, living beyond our selves is how we create greatness. Lastly, her life’s creed is whatever we put in the universe will never return voided, so we should make it our best!


Dr. Shalom Michael Akili -  A former Health and Exercise Science Professor that teaches at several community colleges in Southern California, graduated with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, and became an author.

 A skilled professional equipped with knowledge about research and understanding the importance of relationships, has developed a profound and unique technique of understanding the social dynamics of relationships and the affects—either individually or organizationally. In particular, understanding the Net-generation or Millennial student, this expert has implemented the ‘how to’ approach to create and develop relationships that will result in improvement.

Author of the book Net-generation student motivation to attend community college was developed from Dr. Akili's experience as a former community college, as a student-athlete and experience in teaching diverse student populations at the community college as a health and exercise science professor, has a higher understanding of the difficulty of educational pursuits. This exemplifies the desire to implement a positive change in education and businesses, that will empower organizations to solve unexplainable issues of student retention, student-teacher relationships, employee turnover, and employee satisfaction.


Encore L. Hunt also known as Corey, is a 12-year-old rising star. Corey was born with a condition known as Achondroplasia or “Dwarfism.” He is a child with a prodigious mission and his steps are definitely divinely ordered! He is here to serve his purpose to raise awareness about his condition as well as extend support to children who are bullied.

At the tender age of 10, he began to speak publicly to school children, parents, and peers about being little in a big world. He walks with posture in his purpose and aspires to touch the hearts of many through speaking, singing, writing, and acting. His positive outlook and demeanor instantly enthralled people who encompass his presence.

He shines as bright as the most luminous star that juts out among the rest. Corey will not let small stature bend, break, or shift him out of his jubilance. He is everything, and stands in the humblest of shoes as he walks his journey.



Operations Manager

Paige D. Wheeler is currently the Operations Manager for Tiny Be Mighty.  Prior to her appointment, she has over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. Currently, she is a Service Desk Technician for a major healthcare provider and has extensive knowledge in hardware,  software, customer and technical support.

In college she was MVP in softball and in high school was entered into the Hall of Fame for the same sport for her outstanding outfielding abilities. 


Paige has also volunteered for her church Loveland in Fontana, CA at the Jubilee Pantry, God’s Woman Conferences, BSF International, and Holt International. Her passion is to help bring a resolution to end bullying to this world and to assist the families that have experienced this tragedy. Working with TBM she believes is the answer. Changing the world to recognize and exhibit empathy and awaken the giant within those that feel they are less than.